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"All of my needs are met, therefore no one should have the right to complain about anything. The only people who do are go damn SJWs.  Real people don't feel anything except the smug satisfaction I feel while I'm huffing my own farts." 

  • emotions

    I act as if I have no emotions to protect myself. People in my life have used my very strong emotions against me and so I act as if I have none, but…

  • Seattle in 6-8 months?

    So, my mom called me today to let me know that the two bedroom apartment won't be available for a month or two, and in the interim, she would…

  • Changes

    I'm just copying and pasting this right now. [2:48:40 PM] Brody Bot: I think my Mom and Et are breaking up :( [2:49:01 PM] Cayden Coronado: oh…

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