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Seattle in 6-8 months?

So, my mom called me today to let me know that the two bedroom apartment won't be available for a month or two, and in the interim, she would stay with my uncle and I would stay here. Then when the apartment was ready, we'd move in there and sign a 6 month lease for it. But, then she dropped the bombshell on me, at the end of the six month lease she's thinking about moving to Seattle Washington, and asked if that's something I would like to do.

I've thought about it in past. I really do love Seattle, and I do have friends up there, and family, and the family that doesn't live there does come to visit.... But I've also heard it's really expensive, and I dunno what sort of jobs are there for me, and I have so many more friends up here, well in the Bay Area. Then there's the other thing, Seattle is pretty liberal, but do they have any support for transgender people?  Will I be able to find a clinic where I can get my medication. Are there any support groups out there, I'm sure there must be... Plus I also am gonna have to consider what Pants wants to do...

Shit, so many changes and a million things to think about.  I was wanting to move closer to the Bay Area, not farther away.... But Seattle wasn't really on my recent radar either....

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