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I'm just copying and pasting this right now.

[2:48:40 PM] Brody Bot: I think my Mom and Et are breaking up :(
[2:49:01 PM] Cayden Coronado: oh no
[2:49:02 PM] Brody Bot: I think it's partly my fault tooo
[2:49:44 PM] Cayden Coronado: what?
[2:50:31 PM] Brody Bot: Well, money is one of those things that can make or break a relationship, and my mom has been paying to support me, and I think that strain just really made the other problems worse
[2:51:25 PM] Brody Bot: She just texted me telling me she's looking to rent a house and that's going to be moving...
[2:52:51 PM] Brody Bot: She called me a few days ago and we talked about the money she's been giving me... I feel so bad. I feel so sad for my mom, and I feel bad and a little guilty, and I'm sad because I was really starting to like Et and his family...
[2:55:35 PM] Cayden Coronado: I know what it's like to feel guilty about money stuff. and well...other people's relationship problems aren't your fault. yeah money being tight can make certain problems worse but it's not the money itself that makes or breaks a relationship. if it makes other stuff worse then there was something to be made worse in the first place. you do not get blame for existing and needing food and shelter. hopefully it will work out but even if it doesn't it's not your fault.
[2:56:36 PM] Brody Bot: Yeah...I suppose...
[3:00:19 PM] Cayden Coronado: hey it's true okay. other people's relationship issues are not your fault.
[3:01:10 PM] Brody Bot: Okay, thank you... I still feel bad.. but you're probably right.
[3:05:25 PM] Brody Bot: This all seems so sudden, I didn't realize things between them were not going well until Christmas

There's more to say but I still need to get it straight in my brain before I put it all down.  I don't really know much more.  I'm still waiting to hear bck from my mom about what's going on, but I'm staying over at her house tomorrow night I'm sure I'll know a lot more then...

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