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Furry fandom stuff

I really miss being more involved in the fandom and going to fur meets and stuff. I've been trying to get more involved again.  I logged back into Furcadia and started going back to Furaffinity more, and joined some furry message boards.  I've been wanting to go to a meet though. The only deterrent is the feeling I'm not wanted.  That the people there don't like me anymore because I left and I didn't keep in touch very well.  And then there was that big falling out with Mandi.  I guess we buried the hatchet between us last time we spoke but we haven't spoken since so I have no idea what she thinks of me now.  It only matters really because her boyfriend has a lot of pull with the group,and if she and he don't like someone they tend to get ostracized.  Hrmmm  I know there were a fewpeople who were excited to see me at Furcon, which was only in January so I guess hopefully they will be there. Also, if Raxmei is there I can return his comics to him.

Anyway, I want to kind of test the waters before I just up and go to a meet, so I'm thinking of making a post on the message board saying I'm back and see how people respond.

Huh I'm apparently still a moderator.  Interesting.
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